Sell Seattle is the go-to source for Seattleites seeking information about Seattle’s housing market. We specialize in information regarding condominiums and city-center living, but our interests are all over the King County map, and our main focus is always going to be helping our clients determine exactly what is right for them in terms of home, location, budget, and lifestyle.The Sell Seattle team is headed by Jed Etters, a Managing Broker at the 80-year-old Seattle real estate brokerage John L. Scott, one of the most trusted names in the industry. Jed has a natural talent for real estate—in his sixteen years in the profession, he has opened and managed a successful real estate firm, trained many top agents, and helped hundreds of families find their dream homes. Jed will work both harder and smarter than anyone else, and you can count on the entire Sell Seattle team to go to bat for you when it comes to getting the best deal and making sure you have exactly what you want.

Sell Seattle believes in the value of feet on the ground and first-hand experience. Jed and our agents have lived in Seattle for many years, and we are closely acquainted with the different characteristics, quirks, attitudes and advantages of each of its neighborhoods. We hope you’ll find this site to be a useful resource not only in terms of our listings, but also in terms of our local insight and experience. We want you to love where you live, and that means understanding the lay of the land–restaurants, schools, nightlife, transportation, or safety concerns all contribute to the constellation of factors that make you really feel at home. We want to help you find not only the right building, but the right community.

Sell Seattle is the number one source for information on condominiums and high-end urban real estate in Seattle. We provide information on Homeowners Associations, multi-unit building living, and understanding condominium rules, restrictions, and possibilities. We also provide information for general perspective homeowners, keeping a keen eye on Seattle real estate news and market trends.

If you have any questions regarding selling a home, buying a home, or just Seattle homes in general, get in touch with Jed and the team here at Sell Seattle. We love working hard for our clients, getting them the best possible deal, and making sure they’ll be happy with their decision for years into the future.