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Family Activities Within 10 Miles of Your Seattle Neighborhood

Finding activities in Seattle for the whole family can be a daunting task. Here is a quick and easy list of Seattle neighborhoods paired with fun (and nearby!) family activities the whole crew will enjoy: North Seattle (Ballard/Northgate/Greenwood): The Woodland Park Zoo – Take advantage of the reasonably priced tickets or membership options, a variety

Mortgages 101

First-time homebuyers have no shortage of valuable resources in which to consult, but whether its via websites, advice from friends and family, or insight from real estate professionals, the information is scattered, incoherent, and inconsistent. That’s why we’ve assembled this comprehensive guide to securing a home mortgage and finally landing your perfect home for the

Rent or Buy in Seattle? Fall 2015 Edition

The market changes all the time, mostly in small steps and sometimes in sweeping deviations over the course of a long period of time. That’s exactly why articles titled “Should You Buy or Rent?” are invariably out-of-date by the time you find them. Because of this, we’ll be continually updating this blog post to better

How to Choose Your Real Estate Agent

When researching a real estate agent in any market, several key factors remain consistent: ensure they have their licensing, are willing to use past clients as a reference, and demonstrate a knowledgeable understanding of the market. But once you’ve checked those boxes and have narrowed down a few candidates, there’s still the comparison between two
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Neighborhood Spotlight: Downtown Seattle

  The central business district of the city, Downtown Seattle is home to bustling traffic, the city’s transportation hub, some of the tallest buildings on the west coast, and some amazing opportunities for its residents. Easily the most walkable neighborhood in the city, residents enjoy high-end urban living and access to spectacular beauty only the
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Neighborhood Spotlight: Belltown

The most walkable and densely populated neighborhood in all of Seattle, Belltown blends history with modern architecture, traditional nightlife with cutting-edge nightclubs, and a culture clash between two generations of Seattle residents. Commonly referred to as “Capitol Hill for old people,” Belltown offers dynamic urban living with the comfort of a tight-knit community lifestyles. The

Seattle’s Latest Favorite Street Food

Pho, a light Vietnamese beef-bone soup, has often been called Seattle’s soul food. But in the last few years, ramen has been taking over as Seattle’s newest trendy street food, and Capitol Hill alone has opened three new ramen shops! I don’t mean those bags of instant noodles college kids survive on—traditional tonkotsu ramen is

Fannie Mae increases minimum down payment requirement in November, and other changes

Fannie Mae is currently undergoing changes in their underwriting system to ensure buyer’s ability to repay qualified mortgages, otherwise known as QRM (qualified residential mortgage). Policy changes include raising the qualifying requirements in a loan application and the elimination of certain assistance programs and loan products. Perhaps the most relevant to homebuyers is that Fannie

Lending verification eases during government shutdown

Homebuyers have been finding it difficult to get approvals for their mortgages due to the required paperwork from government entities like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Social Security Administration, and the Federal Housing Administration, since many of these departments have been understaffed due to the recent government shutdown. Typically, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Seattle home prices show growth of 9.3 percent

According to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, Seattle home prices have risen 9.3 percent since February of last year. The statistic gives further claim that Seattle’s housing market is well on the road to recovery after suffering one of the worst declines in the housing bubble years back. Seattle’s increase aligns with a nationwide increase

12 Traits of a Good Real Estate Agent

Purchasing a home is not an easy task. The process involves hours of property searches, a multitude of contracts and heaps of market research. With all the obligations in our lives, it’s difficult for us to take on such an endeavor on our own, which is why we often contract agents to do the work

Gondolas Coming to Seattle?

Hal Griffith, the businessman behind the newly built Seattle Great Wheel, has yet another idea to bring to the city, but this time it’s in improving public transportation: gondolas. The proposal would stretch a gondola line from downtown to the central waterfront to help combat the rush hour traffic of downtown. According to the Seattle

Rezoning South Lake Union

For half a decade, the South Lake Union area of Seattle has been negotiating zoning regulations for its commercial buildings. At the center of this debate are the building height and width restrictions. With the exception of Amazon, buildings of South Lake Unions are currently limited to 85 feet, and with the prospect of other

New Kid on the Block

Journalism and real estate might seem worlds apart, but they actually share many transferrable traits. Journalism is all about keeping an ear to the heartbeat of a city, about the events that affect how a place breathes, how it shifts, and how those shifts affect the people living in that area. Whether it’s the lastest update

Buying a home with Jed Etters

Hello, I’m Jed Etters and I was once in your shoes trying to decide if I should buy a home. Once I did decide to purchase I was scared throughout most of the process, waiting for the perfect moment to jump ship. I never did abandon ship and I am glad I didn’t. Owning my

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Family Activities Within 10 Miles of Your Seattle Neighborhood

Family Activities Within 10 Miles of Your Seattle Neighborhood

Finding activities in Seattle for the whole family can be a daunting task. Here is a quick and easy [...]
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