Denny Regrade Homes for Sale

One of the most ambitious civil engineering projects in Seattle’s history resulted in the Denny Regrade. If you think Seattle is hilly now, you should have seen it 100 years ago. Seattle underwent 58 early regrades, but the most formidable hill that was leveled was Denny, just north of the Central Business District. The steep slope was standing in the way of further downtown development, and between 1908 and 1911, most of the slope was cut away using high-powered water canons. 20,000,000 gallons of water a day were pumped from Lake Union and into the hill, sluicing it away, and a second regrade effort in 1929 further leveled the hill.

The Denny Regrade neighborhood was unfortunately left mostly vacant after the Great Depression slowed the demand for expansion, but after the economy picked up again it was quickly developed. Often conflated with Belltown or the Denny Triangle, the regrade is mostly located to the South of Denny and the upper East side of lower Belltown. This is a prime location for condominium housing given its close proximity both to the Central Business District, Capitol Hill, and Queen Anne.

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