Homes for Sale in Ballard

This is one of Seattles most iconic and distinctive neighborhoods, with its own proud pastBallard was an independent city for 50 years, but as its population grew so did its troubles with gambling, drinking, and a lack of clean water. When a dead horse was found floating in Ballards reservoir right after the Supreme Court ruled that Seattle was not required to share or sell water to Ballard, Ballard had no choice but to accept Seattle’s overtures of annexation, even though it widely speculated that Seattle agents had thrown the dead horse into Ballards already-insufficient water supply to force them to accept.

Ballard has remained rowdy and rough around the edges, though a wave of new commercial development in the 2000s has brought a vibrant and sophisticated local economy; today, youll find dive bars and old sea shanties alongside many of the best bars, restaurants, shops, and housing complexes in Seattle. Once a town ruled by its sawmills and ports, Ballard is now an intersection of its old labor industries and new businesses.

Ballard is home to Seattles Nordic Heritage Museum, an institutional homage to the waves of Scandinavian immigrants who forged Ballards salmon fishing industry, and Ballards unofficial motto is still the Norwegian exclamation Uff da.Shipping and fishing are still vital to Ballards local economythe Chittenden Locks still carry more boat traffic daily than any other in the USand you can always watch the barges and sailboats from the sandy shores of Golden Gardens.

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