Homes for Sale in Belltown

Belltown is a vibrant neighborhood with a flourishing community both by day and by night. Seattle’s most densely-populated neighborhood, virtually all of the housing is multi-unit apartments or condominiums, with only eleven single family homes remaining. (Those 1916 wood framed homes are the only such residences that still stand anywhere in Downtown Seattle.) Belltown is just north of the central Business District, and has unbeatable access to anything residents might need.

Belltown has gone through a number of demographic shifts that give it a rich history. During the era of silent films and until the 1970s, Belltown was known as “Film Row” for the Film Exchange Building and many motion picture companies and theaters that were located in close proximity due to concerns regarding the extreme flammability of the nitrocellulose film. But the film boom didn’t last as the industry changed; Universal Studios was the last film business to leave the area in 1980, and the Jewel Box theater in the Rendezvous, a Belltown Bar, is now the only thing that remains from the FEB.

After the film industry left, Belltown became a destination for low-income artists and many down-on-their-luck Seattleites. Crime rates rose, but so did Belltown’s cultural currency, and some of Seattle’s most cherished bars and restaurants, like the Lava Lounge, Shorty’s, or the Elvis-themed Mexican restaurant Mama’s were able to flourish.

During the tech boom of the late 90s developers quickly set their sights on Belltown for its centralized location, and many high-rises went up. But then Belltown’s fate shifted yet again: when the recession hit and many of those new buildings stood empty, rents went down again, allowing the funky businesses and long-time residences to gain back some ground.

Today, Belltown manages to combine the funky, trendy identity of a scrappy artist community with the the modern conveniences and high-end living options you would expect from Seattle’s premier downtown urban living environment.

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