Homes For Sale in Capitol Hill/ Broadway

Where to begin! Capitol Hill is one of the most vibrant areas in Seattle, and the demarcations of the neighborhood reach across several distinctive sub-neighborhoods. For even more information, check out our Capitol Hill Neighborhood Spotlight!

Capitol Hill is one of the best neighborhoods in which to seek a permanent residence for many reasons, one being that almost any manner of housing you might want is probably there. You can kind of imagine the boundaries of Capitol Hill as a trapezoid, with I-5 and 24th avenue forming the two parallel lines and then the diagonal throughways of Boyer Avenue on the north and Madison Street on the south creating the rest of the the border. In the northern tip of this shape, you have extremely old, beautiful homes. Most notable perhaps are the vintage mansions lining “Millionaire’s Row” outside of Volunteer Park, but the gorgeous, large, and completely unique houses around North Capitol Hill are astounding and all eye-catching.

The closer you get to 24th Ave, the closer you are to the Central District, which is notably lower-income, and the houses farther to the south and east of Capitol Hill, though still at a premium, are more affordable than those nearer Volunteer Park. In the center of the Capitol Hill neighborhood you’ll see a mixture of Craftsman homes, vintage brick condos and apartments, and new development with modern lines. You can still find an affordable condo or rental on the Hill, but if you want, you can also splurge on some of the nicest condos and town houses in Seattle, especially as you approach the West edge of the neighborhood and the border with Downtown.

It’s important to note that Capitol Hill has the highest concentration of retail, entertainment, and bar/restaurant establishments in Seattle. This might not be a great neighborhood for someone who enjoys a lot of peace, quiet, or seclusion, but it’s perfect for anyone who wants to be near the cultural hub of the city, and the neighborhood can accommodate a much wider range of budgets than other city-center areas.

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