Homes For Sale in Fremont

Fremont is kind of Seattle’s family-oriented hippie enclave. Once the epicenter of Seattle radicalism, Fremont’s central plaza still proudly displays the controversial statue of Vladimir Lenin salvaged from Slovakia, and the neighborhood often goes by the nickname “The People’s Republic of Fremont.” Though Fremont has grown tamer as major software companies like Adobe, Google, and Tableau have opened offices there and housing prices have risen, they still keep it weird with their annual naked bicycle ride on Summer Solstice.

Fremont has all kinds of quirks, and it’s the kind of neighborhood that rewards observant and inquisitive living. The 18-foot cement statue now known as the Fremont Troll beneath the Aurora Bridge is a famous example of the kind of unrepeatable artistic surprises that await visitors—look around and see for yourself!

Fremont is also one of the best districts for shopping “outside the box.” The boutique Show Pony stocks local Seattle designers, and Fremont’s Vintage Mall and Atlas Clothing are two of the best destination for second-hand treasures in Seattle. You can also visit our best gluten free bakery the Flying Apron for a tasty flourless treat, perhaps before catching live music at one of Fremont’s excellent venues, like the country-esque Tractor Tavern or the hip hop and DJ club Nectar Lounge.

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