Homes for Sale in Green Lake

The first surprising thing about the Green Lake area is that the lake itself is completely natural. The size, location, and beauty of it seem almost too perfect to have been carved by nature alone, but this picturesque, community-cherished body of water was created nearly 50,000 years ago by the same Vashon Glacier that cut Lake Washington and Lake Union. In fact, the lake used to be even bigger—in 1911, it was lowered by seven feet to create the surrounding parklands.

Green Lake is one of the best places to live for outdoorsy or athletic individuals who want to combine the advantages of urban living with fresh air, green space, and outdoor activities. Green Lake is encircled by a 2.8-mile track that’s perfect for walking, jogging, biking, or rollerblading, and the tennis courts, basketball courts, fields and swimming pool provide endless activity options. (Fun fact: Bill Clinton has even run around the Green Lake path!)

Green Lake is also home to many of the best outerwear and equipment shops in Seattle, and you’ll never be at a loss if you find yourself in need of a bicycle, yoga pants, tennis shoes, or sports equipment. There are also restaurants all along the perimeter of the lake, like the seafood staple Duke’s Chowder House, the Caribbean sandwich chop Bongo’s, or the neighborhood favorite Green Lake Bar and Grill.

The area is particularly family-friendly with a low crime rate, and though property is at a premium in this neighborhood you can be certain that prices will never go down because of its innate geographical draw. Homes in this area are typically older, well-preserved craftsman and bungalow style homes, and though the lake can get crowded—it receives an estimated one million visitors a year—most of the zoning is for single-family homes so as to reduce foot traffic and area wear and tear.

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