Homes for Sale in Greenwood

Greenwood is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Seattle, and completely underrated. It’s often combined with Phinney Ridge, located just to the south, as they have the same challenging topography of roads that dead-end in near-vertical hills, Greenlake, or Highway 99, and they also share many community events and the nickname “Phinneywood.” The best thing about Greenwood (or Phinneywood) is that the neighborhood is isolated enough that it’s created its own culture and has everything you need, but it’s also pretty easy to take a throughway in any direction and reach another major Seattle neighborhood.

Greenwood is less affluent a neighborhood than the Greenlake area, but winds up offering a richer culture in terms of the diversity of stores and restaurants. One of Seattle’s best coffee shops, Neptune Coffee, is located in Greenwood; they have a ping-pong table, an outside area, and some of the best espresso in Seattle. The Baranoff, a few blocks up from Neptune, is not only one of the best dive bars in Seattle, but also one of the best karaoke spots, and draws a mix of young and old from all walks of life. For something fancier, we recommend dinner at the Stumbling Goat Bistro, which is an intimate, candlelit restaurant with a Pacific Northwest gourmand menu. Follow it up with pints at the Naked City Brewery, which is one of Seattle’s premier local microbreweries.

Greenwood does have some land issues in terms of structure and support. Much of the neighborhood was built on a peat bog, and you should make sure that any prospective property isn’t in an area of uneven sinking or settlement. Furthermore, north of 85th street a lack of sidewalks is very common. Of course, if you partner with agents like Sell Seattle, we can help you avoid these—forgive the pun—pitfalls of Greenwood real estate and help you find one of the many beautiful houses in this area. Because Greenwood is further north, the single-family homes typically have larger floor plans, lots, and yards for the price in comparison to those near Greenlake, Wallingford, or the University District. There are also some new condo developments along Greenwood Avenue, which is near all the action.

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