Homes For Sale in Magnolia

Magnolia is the second largest neighborhood in Seattle, encompassing the Western peninsula to the northwest of Downtown. The neighborhood is quite isolated from the rest of Seattle despite its geographic proximity to major central neighborhoods. It is separated by the Puget Sound on its west and south sides, by Salmon Bridge on the north, and the Interlay rail road yard on its east. There are only three entrances for vehicles to the neighborhood, all coming from the east.

Despite, or perhaps because of, this seclusion, Magnolia is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Seattle, mostly because of its proximity to breathtaking natural beauty. The major highlight is, of course, Discovery Park. Discovery is Seattle’s largest park, with 534 acres and 11.8 miles of walking trails. It has a natural ecosystem of birds, animals, plants, and marine life. The wooded paths that wind throughout the park feel wild enough to get lost in, and open onto a rocky coastline dotted with driftwood and, if you’re lucky, sea shells.

But Discovery Park isn’t Magnolia’s only green area. There’s also Magnolia Park which becomes Magnolia Boulevard, a tree-lined green space with views of the water. There’s also Magnolia Playfield and Playground, which have recreational facilities and fields, Kiwanis memorial Preserve Park, a wildlife and forrest corridor, Lawton Park to the east side of Magnolia, Bayview Playground with a baseball field, Ella Bailey Park, which has play equipment, basketball courts, and a large lawn, and along the south eastern border runs the Magnolia Greenbelt, which puts a nice sound and sight barrier between the houses and the railways.

Of course, Magnolia has more than just parks—Magnolia’s central business area, known as ”the Village” by locals, has many stores, services, and some of Seattle’s finest restaurants. Magnolia homes are perfect for families or individuals who enjoy the outdoors and sea breezes, and those who want to be close to the city yet feel far away.

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