Homes for Sale in Roosevelt

Roosevelt Way is one of the most important arteries of North East Seattle, running from the very bottom of the University District and Portage Bay all the way up past Northgate Mall, ending at 110th street. The neighborhood known as Roosevelt runs from Ravenna Blvd north until 75th, and includes some of the best, most vibrant businesses along the street.

Most notable, perhaps, is Roosevelt Square, which contains the gigantic natural foods store Whole Foods, and also a Bartell Drugs, Starbucks, and other small businesses. There’s also a close-by Safeway and beloved independent year-round produce stand called Rising Sun.

Roosevelt is also home to some of the best, most individualized bars and restaurants in Seattle. Pies & Pints—exactly as it sounds—is a bar that sells craft local brews alongside handmade sweet and savory pies. The neighborhood bar Teddy’s (after Teddy Roosevelt) has been around for over thirty years, and has games, a pool table, a patio, and a lot of character. And a little farther down Roosevelt at 62nd, you’ll find Die Bierstube, the most authentic German bar in Seattle—you can get your beer by the boot!

Roosevelt is also a vegetarian’s paradise. Sunlight Cafe is the best vegetarian breakfast joint in town, although the Wayward Vegan Cafe—just a couple blocks away—has them beat when it comes to biscuits and gravy. There are numerous yoga studios and other fitness clubs in the area, multiple bike shops, and quite a few spas!

Roosevelt also has a more economically diverse population than other parts of North East Seattle. Though there are many gorgeous, huge old single-family homes, there are also many mid-range homes and rentals.

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