Homes For Sale in University District

The University District, also commonly called the U-District, is home to Seattle’s University of Washington. The University is the defining feature of this neighborhood, and though a huge swath of the housing is temporary rental homes for students, there are many beautiful old Arts & Crafts single-family homes to the north as well as a number of condominiums that could interest young professionals. The attractions of the U-District aren’t just attractive to students—everyone can enjoy the large range of activities, businesses, and public spaces this area offers, as well as its vibrant and diverse population.

The main street of commerce for the University District is University Avenue, which is known by 100 percent of locals as “The Ave.” The Ave is perhaps the most concentrated area for shopping and eats in Seattle—almost every building along the Ave is either a restaurant or a shop of some sort. There are new clothing stores, like American Apparel, but the majority are used—Buffalo Exchange, Red Light, Lucky Vintage, Goodwill, Valley of Roses are all great spots to score vintage clothing at a bargain. There are also some of the best Indian, Vietnamese, and Korean restaurants in the U-District, as well as an abundance of coffee shops and bars.

The University District has a number of other amenities enjoyed by students and residents alike, such as a vibrant Farmers’ Market and an amazing public transit network. University District is a major hub for most bus lines and soon the Light Rail. There are also many grocery stores, banks, event spaces, auto dealerships, and small parks. The U-District is truly a hive of Seattle activity, and because it is home to so many students who rarely own cars its walkability score is off the charts.

When you consider all the near-by amenities the University District has to offer, it’s surprising that sale prices are notably lower than in other central areas of Seattle. North of 50th Street there are many beautiful older homes with yards for purchase, and it’s important to note that the area is also a great place for investment rental properties.

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