Homes for Sale in Wallingford

The Wallingford neighborhood is one of the landmark Seattle areas, with one of the most vibrant commercial cores and some of the best community cultural resources. Just west of the U District and to the East of Ballard, Wallingford channels both the separatist identity of Ballard and Seattle’s shipping and industry roots while also funneling youth energy from the University of Washington to create a funky, prosperous neighborhood that’s great for families and single young adults alike.

One of the best attractions of Wallingford is Gas Works Park, located on the north shore of Lake Union. The park incorporates the remnants of the former Seattle Gas Light Company gassification plant, and the huge ruins of the machines and towers stand rusted over in stark contrast to the natural beauty of the sprawling green lawn. Gasworks is a beautiful spot to play, loaf, fly kites, or look out across the water–especially on the 4th of July!

The Burke-Gilman trail runs through Gasworks, and is a wonderful walking, biking, skating, or jogging path for residents that reaches almost twenty miles around Lake Washington up to Bothell. Also included in Wallingford’s public areas are the Woodland Park Zoo and Lower Woodland Park, which includes athletic fields, a skate park, tennis courts, and connections to Green Lake. Wallingford is truly a paradise for the active, but also has plenty to offer in terms of the commercial. The historic Guild 45th theater, Seattle’s favorite ice cream shop Molly Moon’s, the original Dick’s Drive-In, the Afghani restaurant Kabul, and many more attractions make Wallingford a destination neighborhood.

Wallingford also has some of the best public schools in Seattle, including Roosevelt High School and Hamilton Middle School. The median home price in Wallingford was $522,366 in 2013, about $100,000 higher than the city-wide average, and the Wallingford market remains expensive but stable with many single-family home, condo, and townhouse options.

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