North College Park Homes for Sale

Above Green Lake and Greenwood, one of the northernmost neighborhoods of Seattle is North College Park, also known as Licton Springs. The original Licton Springs area was once a vast system of wetlands, but since colonization of Washington State and the urbanization of Puget Sound, Western Washington has lost 90-98 percent of its original wetland. Licton Springs the area is named after an actual natural spring that’s one of the last remnants of these wetlands, and you can still visit it today in the Licton Springs Park! The name comes from the Salish tribe word liq’tid, meaning “red-colored,” because of the red iron oxide that bubbles up from the spring.

Even though much of the groundwater has diminished, the area around North College Park has remained lush and tree-covered, and North Seattle Community College currently sits on the previous site of an 85-acre marsh. The campus and all the surrounding area have a deep commitment to ecology and sustainability, and North College Park is also one of the areas in Seattle with the deepest connection to its native Salish heritage.

North College Park also contains the North Fork of Thornton Creek, an urban creek running from Lake Washington that has amazing aquatic biodiversity. There are also ample commercial opportunities—North College Park is adjacent to Northgate, home of the Northgate Mall and many retail centers. Housing ranges from large lots with single-family homes to low-priced apartments and condominiums intended as student housing.

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