Sand Point Homes for Sale

This neighborhood is named after the Sand Point peninsula on which it sits. The peninsula juts into Lake Washington, offering some of the best views—and highest real estate values—in Seattle. Like most areas in Seattle located along the shoreline, most residences in Sand Point are large single-family homes that are positioned as advantageously as possible to get a glimpse of the water. However, Sand Point has the distinct advantage of some serious elevation, meaning that the entire hillside rising up from the shore offers gorgeous Seattle vistas, resulting in an entire neighborhood of great views. Just don’t get stuck on one of those hills in a surprise snow without the right tires on your car!

One of the other aspects that makes Sand Point so attractive to families is that it contains Magnuson Park, a 350 acre park right on the tip of the peninsula. It’s the second-largest park in Seattle, and like the largest park, Discovery Park, Magnuson used to be a naval base. Naval Air Station Sand Point was deactivated in 1970, and most of the land was given to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the City of Seattle. Though the air strip was demolished long ago, there are still large hangers that are now used for community book sales and other community events requiring a large amount of clear-span space.

Today, Magnuson Park has many amenities, including several sports fields, a picnic and swimming area, and one of the best dog parks in town. (The dog park includes multiple trails, an off-leash area, and a swimming hole for those hot dog days of summer!) Magnuson Park is also home to the largest playground in Seattle, which was funded, designed, and largely built by a Seattle women’s leadership and volunteer organization.

But if the public park is a little too public for you, Sand Point Country Club—one of Seattle’s only real in-city country clubs—contains not only a beautiful golf course, but also a swimming pool, fitness center, tennis courts, and dining and entertainment options. And in even more outdoor options, Sand Point has an extensive boat launch and contains the Mountaineers Club, an indoor rock climbing gym with an outdoor bouldering area that’s free and open to the public.

With all those outdoor activities, it makes sense that Sand Point also has one of the best places to go for some guilty pleasure foods after exercising. 60th Street Desserts & Delis has an array of handmade desserts and charcuterie that are absolutely exquisite, and their cakes grace many of the tables of Sand Point on special occasions.

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