Stevens Homes for Sales

Stevens is a big neighborhood that often winds up getting called by other names—parts of Stevens are constantly being confused with Montlake, the Central District, Interlaken, and particularly with Capitol Hill. And yet, as soon as you’re in Stevens, you can tell—the streets are greener and everything suddenly feels like an adorable yet hip small town with a nice balance of shops and restaurants, multi-unit housing and beautiful single family homes.

Some of the best bars and restaurants on Capitol Hill are located within the Stevens neighborhood, and living here means having at least one or two favorite spots you go back to again and again. Along the Western border of Stevens is 15th Avenue, which has an excellent run of bars, from the dive-y Canterbury Ale House, the premier cocktail (and sushi) bar Liberty, or the microbrew heaven Hopvine Pub. There’s also Smith, a traditional English eatery and bar, and Coastal Kitchen, Seattle’s best cajun seafood restaurant and a great place for a drink with oyster shooters. Along 19th Avenue, there’s a whole other set of wonderful establishments, like Monsoon, an upscale Vietnamese restaurant, Tallulah’s, a Mediterranean cafe with a veggie-friendly focus, or Hello Robin, the home of the best handmade cookies you might ever have in your life.

Stevens is named after the Stevens Elementary School, but there are a number of schools in the area, including the Holy Names Academy, an all-girls Catholic college preparatory school founded in 1880, making it the oldest continually-operating school in Seattle as well as one of the most prestigious. Stevens is a great place for families or upwardly-mobile young professionals who want to invest in top-tier property in a gorgeous community.

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