View Ridge Homes for Sale

View Ridge is a Northeast Seattle neighborhood that has some of the nicest, largest single-family homes in Seattle, but also includes a number of moderately priced condominiums. Wonderful for families, the View Ridge Elementary School is located a safe and easy walk from most View Ridge homes, as is the large park and play field located across from the school.

View Ridge is also home to View Ridge Country Club, one of the only country clubs in Seattle. There is a private golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, dining center, and more! The access to beautiful views of both Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountain Range has made this a desirable real estate location and most of the homes do their best to catch a glimpse of the view.

View Ridge also has a notably large Jewish community, with one of the few Hasidic synagogues in Seattle, Congregation Shaarei Tefillah Lubavitch. There is also another Orthodox synagogue within walking distance of View Ridge, and in near-by Wedgwood there are a reform synagogue, conservative synagogue, and Jewish Community Center.

Though View Ridge is almost entirely residential with the exception of a few small shops, there is a PCC Natural Foods Market located on 65th St and 40th Ave, making access to wholesome and high-quality food year-round easy. And the PCC is right across from a small play field if you want to take a walk to the market, grab a hot or cold drink, and head to the park!

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